IMT Geophysics uses a range of specialized survey, CAD, GIS, data processing, data analysis, mapping and imaging software packages to convert field data into high quality maps, images and analytical products.

Services include:-

  • o Processing and adjustment of gravity data to spherical cap Bouguer anomaly including:-
  • o Reduction to complete spherical cap Bouguer anomaly at nominated density including
  • o Terrain correction using Sphericap-TC and
  • o Reduction to nominated gravity datum (AAGD07, ISOGAL66, ISOGAL84)
  • o Gridding and Filtering
  • o Grid calculus and analysis.
  • o Image Processing using Encom PA


IMT Geophysics maintains a strong, long term working relationship with Peter Gidley of Eureka Consulting Pty Ltd. The objective of this relationship is to:-

  • o Provide IMT Geophysics with:-
  • o Specialized data processing services.
  • o High level technical support and backup if so required.
  • o Provide our clients with the capacity to:-
  • o Develop, test and fine tune survey specifications by modelling the requisite data resolution and sensitivity necessary to detect a specified style of target.
  • o Access sophisticated software tools and extensive expertise for the integration, evaluation and interpretation of diverse geophysical data by means of specialized interactive 3D modelling and data analysis tools.

Our capacity is seamlessly expanded through a number of long term associations with other specialist, high level geophysicist with expertise in the use of 3D modelling associate.