IMT Geophysics uses a range of advance surveying instruments, radio based data communications equipment, survey methodologies and software solutions to undertake the various survey tasks we are engaged in. Our senior survey personnel work closely with our specialist survey technology associates to continue developing and implementing robust survey methodologies that:-

  • o increase productivity
  • o reduce operating costs
  • o improve precision and accuracy
  • o strengthen confidence in data acquired.8019Nth

Control surveying, Bicheno area, NE Tasmania.

Survey techniques routinely in use include, but are not limited to:-

Absolute Positioning:-

  • o AUSPOS online GPS processing.
  • o omniSTAR HP and Terrastar HP derivative.
  • o Real time precision point positioning (PPP) with integrated earth tide corrections and transformation to GDA94 and AHD or nominated datum’s.

Post Process GNSS Surveying

  • o Classic Static.
  • o Fast Static.
  • o CORS seeded high precision long baseline differential (off-line).
  • o Short Occupation Seeded Fast Static.
  • o Kinematic.

Real Time GNSS Surveying

  • o Real Time Kinematic (RTK).
  • o Real Time CORS seeded high precision long baseline differential.
  • o RTK seeded, dual frequency, duel constellation clock and offset solution.

Satellite Constellations routinely in use include GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BEI DOU

Routine survey operations include testing of solutions using statistical analysis of observed and processed data, closed and adjusted control networks as appropriate and a repeat observation procedure designed to rigorously test both relative and absolute accuracy.


  •  Geodetic Control Networks – planning, observation, processing and adjustment.
  •  Coordination and levelling of gravity stations at regional to microgravity levels.
  •  Control Surveys for aerial photography and remotely sensed imagery.
  •  Coordination and/or stakeout of Mining Leases, drill holes etc
  •  Detail mapping of mine workings and infrastructure, specialist engineering and agricultural applications.
  •  High resolution topographic mapping for
  • o Routine mapping applications
  • o Large scale floodplain mapping (contouring to 5cm)
  • o Hydrological applications
  • o Engineering and agricultural applications.
  • o Precision 3D TIN DEM’s.

High Resolution IMT floodplain mapping products may provide a lower cost, higher accuracy topographic mapping solution than LIDAR, particularly in many areas of more open agricultural land use.precision surveying

High precision digital laser levelling of 4D microgravity stations, Central QLD.Drainage

Specialised drainage analysis displaying topography, drainage aspect and % surface gradient.


  • o GPS Receivers – Altus GNSS (BeiDou and Galileo configured) and Sokkia GPS dual frequency GPS/GLONASS geodetic RTK receivers with 72 universal GNSS channels, in built high performance RTK algorithms, in-built radio communications and “Bluetooth” radio technology.
  • o Survey Controllers – Carlson with “Bluetooth” wireless technology and Carlson SurvCE Software.
  • o RTK Communication Systems – Short, mid and long range UHF & VHF radio systems – SATEL, JAVAD & ARWEST.
  • o LaserAce® 300 reflector less laser measurement system with integrated digital inclinometer, digital fluxgate compass and horizontal angle decoder – logs to controller – used for coordinating points under tree cover.
  • o Accessories include a range of tripods, bipods, tribrachs, mountings, solar panels, radio repeaters etc.