IMT Geophysics deploys experienced operators who work within defined and documented processes and procedures. These procedures include rigorous checks of the precision, accuracy and overall integrity of the work being undertaken. To this end, wherever possible, our crews:-

  • o Use real time surveying and gravity metering processes that allow us to evaluate data as it is acquired or use instruments systems that enable operators to visualize data as it is collected.
  • o Process data on site on a daily basis as a check of accuracy and integrity. (QA and QC)
  • o Transmit data to Sydney office every evening for further processing and evaluation.
  • o Plan the following days’ work each evening and prepare equipment ready for the next day.
  • o Are equipped with spare cables and back-up instruments and equipment to ensure minimum lost time.
  • o Have First Aid Certificates
  • o Have undergone a 4WD training course.
  • o Work within the constraints of an extensive Safe Operating Procedures Manual.
  • o Work from 4WD, all terrain vehicles or helicopters equipped with mobile phones, satellite phones, EPIRBS, fire extinguishers, VHF and UHF radios. Vehicles are also equipped with first aid kits, high visibility lights, reflector strips, wheel chocks and if appropriate, recovery equipment.
  • o Wear high visibility clothing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) appropriate to the nature of the work being undertaken and its location.

IMT has had extensive experience in the agriculture sector and an in depth operational understanding of the concerns of farmers and graziers with respect to the exploration and mining industries. We are happy to work closely with farmers to minimize the commercial and environmental impact of work undertaken on behalf of our clients. Our survey techniques, by their nature and by design, have very little if any environmental impact.